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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to repair a turbocharger?
The cost of turbocharger repair ranges from 150 to 350 euros. It all depends on the parts that are replaced and the amount of work that needs to be done.

What's better? Repair of the turbo or replacement of the turbocharger with a new one?
Here the situation is clearly not unique and the final decision is made only by the client himself. In principle, a qualitatively restored turbine will serve no worse than a new one, but the new one is of course a new one. The question remains open and the decision to be accepted by you.

Can I replace the cartridge (core) of the turbocharger myself?
Theoretically it is possible, but in practice the car often "will not set off". If the turbocharger is not equipped with VNT systems, then replacing the cartridge will not be very sophisticated. If the turbocharger is made with a system for exhaust gases flow control (so-called VNT system), an additional adjustment of the actuator with the control system will be necessary. This adjustment requires certain knowledge and the availability of special equipment. The master, who has a clear idea of the turbo system performance, can certainly work without the VNT booth, but it is unlikely to adjust the VNT node with an accuracy of more than 90%.

Is it possible to deliver your goods to my country?
It is possible. We ship wares to all over the world. However, you should learn the customs duties in your country.

Is there a turbo available, for example on the 2005 VW Golf 1.9 TDI?
Most likely, there are these and many different ones. We need a turbocharger number, neither a brand, nor a model or a car engine's power. In the same car, with the same production year, a completely different turbocharger from different manufacturer can be installed. Therefore, for the most accurate identification of a turbocharger you need will be its original number.

Do you have in stock turbos, for example: GTB2260VK, GT2260V, GT1749VK or GTB1749V?
GTBXXXXXX, GTXXXXX is the name of the model or series of turbochargers. With these numbers, you cannot find the turbocharger you need. We need the original manufacturer number of the turbocharger or the original (OEM, OE) number of the vehicle manufacturer located on the turbocharger.

I need an actuator, for example on VW Passat CC, do you have one?
For a certain car, for example VW Passat CC, several different turbochargers can be installed. Please tell us the number of your turbocharger, and we will quickly select an actuator for it.

I'm looking for an actuator with a position sensor on the turbocharger GTC1549VZ, do you have such a thing?
GT1549V, GTC1549VZ, GTC1549V are numbers of a series (model) of various turbochargers. The search for an actuator for this turbo model number is incorrect. It is possible that this number will have several different turbines and different actuators. Requires the original number of a specific turbocharger or OEM number of a turbocharger. Only in this case the identification of your turbo will be complete and correct.

What are the features and important aspects to be observed when replacing a turbocharger?
It is extremely important to eliminate the cause of the failure of the turbo. Complete oil change with oil and air filters. Compliance with all installation rules of the turbocharger.

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