Do you want to work successfully in the field of turbochargers’ reconditioning? - We will help your business!

On a by-order basis, the TurboCentras will assist you with equipping the remanufacturing company with advanced equipment of the world's largest brands: automatic sandblasting machines, balancing machines, VNT geometry control machines and other high-tech devices. Also, TurboCentras will train the staff by providing a training course in order to share our own skills and knowledge for a successful work with modern equipment.

Five reasons to choose TurboCentras

Unique quality control

After the parts production, specialists make a sample from each batch, and the samples are sent to the Metals’ Institute to check the alloy quality. Then the products are re-tested in the warehouse for the compliance with the parts’ sizes with the original indicators. Immediately before the shipping, the parts are checked again for any defects and mechanical damage.

Reliable materials

Spare parts from the TurboCentras are made of high-quality steel, aluminum and cast iron alloys. The alloys used for the production of shafts contain at least 70% of nickel. Cast iron is implied in the production of "hot" turbine casings. Light impellers and compressor housings are produced of the durable aluminum alloys. The metals used meet all the turbocharger manufacturers standards and requirements, which guarantees the turbos’ reliability and durability, even under critical loads.

Well-established logistics

The TurboCentras own warehouses are located in five European countries. The logistics system being refined for years of international sales allows us to deliver thousands of spares’ types all around the world in the shortest time.

Full turbocharger remanufacturing

Among our company’s offers you can find not only the brand-new spare parts, but also turbocompressors that we have reconditioned. With an order of such a turbo in TurboCentras, you will receive not a partially repaired part or a one, simply presented in a presentable appearance. Our masters remanufacture the turbochargers up to their original after-factory state, including the replacement of the shaft, compressor wheel, VNT geometry nodes, drives, servo drives and other valves, as well as the new turbine housing and compressor casing installation.

Advanced equipment

The company has equipped more than 10 remanufacturing services throughout Europe and conducted training courses for their personnel. With the most advanced technologies and the best equipment for the workshops, we have achieved the highest, benchmark quality, expanded range and an increased productivity level.

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