find-turbo-numberTo identify your turbocharger, you must know the original part number of the turbocharger manufacturer. It is usually engraved on a plate or simply knocked out on the compressor housing.

It is also possible to search for the original manufacturer's number (OEM, OE) of the vehicle in the catalog.

Part Number. This is the original turbocharger number, the number that is provided directly by the turbocharger manufacturer (Garrett, BorgWarner, IHI, Mitsubishi and so on).

OEM or shortly OE (original equipment manufacturer). This is the vehicle manufacturer number (Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ford, Toyota, Volvo, VW, and so on).

Both numbers are usually, but not always, present on the turbocharger. In our catalog both numbers are stored, but high priority is given to the turbo manufacturer number (Part Number). We recommend that you search for a suitable turbocharger for this particular number.

STEP ONE: Clean the plate or casing. It is very difficult to see the number, so the area needs to be washed or cleaned with a cleaner.

STEP TWO: Determine the original turbocharger number. Each brand of the turbocharger has its own number. Here are a few examples (select the manufacturer of your turbocharger).

The Garrett turbocharger number usually contains 6 characters, starting with 4, 7 or 8, followed by a minus sign and an additional 4 digits or 4 digits with the letter S at the end, e.g.: 454083-0001; 452204-0002; 720244-5004S; 712290-0002. Also, there are shorter numbers of turbos (e.g.: 452204-2; 720244-4; 712290-2). In general, the principle of recognizing the number of the Garrett turbo is as it follows: three numbers 452204-0002, 452204-2 and 452204-5002S are the same. 452204-0002 and 452204-2 Garrett sells directly to the vehicle manufacturers, and 452204-5002S sells Garrett itself as a spare part.

Garrett Turbo Part Numbers
Garrett Part No (1)Garrett Part No (2)Garrett Part No (3)Garrett Part No (4)

In the search you can only use the 6 first numbers of the part number (e.g.: 724930) or the full number with a minus sign in the middle (e.g.: 724930-0002). Do not look for a short 724930-2 number or 724930-5002S number. Also, you can try to look for the original number of the manufacturer (OEM, OE) of the vehicle, if you know such number (OEM numbers example: 03G253010J, 03G253014H, 03G253019A).

In the database of the catalog we write numbers of the form 724930-0002, what is the full original Garrett part number.

Most Garrett turbos are interchangeable for the first 6 numbers of the number, e.g.: 724930-0002 is identical to 724930-0003 and so on. But there are strict exceptions to this principle, e.g.: the turbo 782217-0003 is not interchangeable with 782217-0002 and 782217-0001 turbos, which in turn are interchangeable.

The number of BorgWarner turbochargers (the same as KKK, 3K and SCHWITZER) usually contains 11 numbers, starting with 5 or 1, e.g.: 5303-970-0057; 5303-988-0023; 5435-988-0125. Also the number of BorgWarner turbines can start with the letters K, KP, BV. E.g.: K14-7805; K16-7805; KP35-7805; KP39-7805; K03-05; BV43B-0132.

Instead of two minus signs, there can be spaces in the number or the number can be written altogether, without spaces or minuses. Pay attention to the central part of the numbers: 5303-970-0057, 5303-988-0057, 5303 970 0057, 5303 988 0057. In the middle of the number there can be digits 970, 988, 998, 971 and so on. In fact, these numbers are the same in the search. The turbo with the number 5303-988-0057 is the same turbo with the number 5303-970-0057. The number with the middle 988 are used as service numbers and serve for the description of turbos that are spare parts. Rooms with the middle 970, 971, are usually original. BorgWarner sends turbines to the motor vehicle manufacturer with these numbers.

The numbers of BorgWarner turbochargers (also as KKK, 3K and SCHWITZER)
BorgWarner Part No (1)BorgWarner Part No (2)BorgWarner Part No (3)BorgWarner Part No (4)

In the catalog database we write numbers as for instance 5303-970-0057, that is the full original part number of BorgWarner.

We recommend using 970 as the number in the middle in the search. If your turbocharger number is 5439-988-0069, just type in the search 5439-970-0069.

If your BorgWarner turbocharger number starts with a letter, convert the number to an 11-digit code using this example:

  • BV39B-050 is identical to 5439-970-0050
  • BV40D-0007 is identical to 5440-970-0007
  • BV40E-0005 is identical to 5440-970-0005
  • BV43B-0132 is identical to 5303-970-0132
  • K03-057 is identical to 5303-970-0057
  • K04-017 is identical to 5304-970-0017
  • K14-7805 is identical to 5314-970-7805
  • KP35-0054 is identical to 5435-970-0054
  • KP39-0037 is identical to 5439-970-0037
  • KP39B-0047 is identical to 5439-970-0047

Also, you can try to look for a turbo by the original OEM number (OEM, OE) of the vehicle, if you know this number.

To identify the turbocharger manufacturer IHI Turbo, you need to find a special manufacturer number. Example of special numbers: VJ32; VA81; VJ27; VL25 VIBG; VIEZ. However, later turbines IHI thus are to recognize very difficult. E.g.: JHJ turbochargers are different and not compatible. Therefore, it makes sense to use the OEM or OE numbers in the search.

IHI Turbo Part Numbers
IHI Turbo Part No (1)IHI Turbo Part No (2)IHI Turbo Part No (3)IHI Turbo Part No (4)

The Mitsubishi or MHI turbocharger number consists of the first 5 numbers and the additional 5 numbers following the minus sign. E.g.: 49177-02510; 49173-06501; 49135-05620. Usually, Mitsubishi turbo numbers start with 49.

Mitsubishi Turbocharger Part Numbers
Mitsubishi Turbocharger Part No (1)Mitsubishi Turbocharger Part No (2)Mitsubishi Turbocharger Part No (3)Mitsubishi Turbocharger Part No (4)

We recommend to use all 10 numbers (e.g.: 49135-05620), including the minus sign. Also, you can try to search by the original number of the vehicle manufacturer (OEM or OE), if you know this number.

The company Schwitzer mainly produces turbochargers for heavy vehicles and various agricultural machinery as trucks or tractors.

Everything is extremely simple if you have a turbocharger manufacturer Schwitzer. Simply enter the 6-digit number in the search box and select from the list the part you need or the required turbocharger.

Schwitzer Turbocharger Numbers
Schwitzer Turbocharger Part No (1)Schwitzer Turbocharger Part No (2)Schwitzer Turbocharger Part No (3)

At the moment, the company Schwitzer has joined the BorgWarner concern. In the company BorgWarner, the brands KKK and 3K also are produced. So do not be surprised to see the numbers of Schwitzer with the logo BorgWarner.

To identify the turbocharger manufacturer Toyota, you need to find a 10-digit number with a minus sign. Usually it is located on the turbocharger housing (on its aluminum part). Sometimes the number is glued on the actuator (see figure).

Toyota Turbocharger Numbers
Toyota Part No (1)Toyota Part No (2)Toyota Part No (3)

The original Toyota turbocharger numbers usually start with the numbers 17.

STEP THREE: Enter the original manufacturer number of your turbocharger in the search box and press Enter or Search. You will get a complete list of suitable turbos and a link to the spares list for your turbocharger.

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