Want to open your own workshop your own turbocharger repair workshop? You should take care of the tool base for your new workshop. We will gladly help you to equip a quality repair base and we will render all possible assistance in starting your business.

TurboCentras for many years is engaged in the supply of turbocharger repair and full remanufacturing equipment. As a distributor, we sell first-class balancing and regulating equipment of well-known, proven manufacturers.

By us you can buy:

  • Balancing stands. Machines for balancing rotors, shafts, turbocharger cartridges.
  • Adjustable stands of VNT turbochargers. Machines for the analysis and tuning of VNT mechanisms in a turbocharger.
  • Machines for dry, airless abrasive cleaning of parts. Units for removing dirt, rust, scale from the turbocharger housings.
  • Testers of turbocharger electronic actuators.
  • Programmers of turbocharger electronic actuators.
  • Universal "all in one" sets of equipment for advanced workshops.

Also, we sell other tools, such as: keys for dismantling VNT Nozzle Rings, pneumatic cutters, pressure testers and much more.

High-quality turbocharger repair equipment

Repair of a modern turbocharger is not possible without the availability of balancing and adjusting equipment. Even after replacement, the turbo parts require balancing and tuning. At home, by-sight or some other "old-fashioned" method, it is simply impossible to balance the rotor of the turbo, adjust the VNT node, and program the actuator with suitable parameters. With the above tasks, special stands for repair of turbos are easily handled. Modern high-quality equipment provides simplicity and convenience in working on repair of turbochargers. The cost of the tool is replenished as soon as possible, and labor productivity grows tenfold.

Quality repairs are performed using quality equipment. Be the best in the turbocharger repair, monitor the quality of your services and your success will definitely allow you to stand out against the backdrop of competition. Do not hesitate to contact us for high-quality equipment. Our specialists will always help you make the right choice in your endeavors, advise you on the issues of purchasing and operating the equipment that suits you, and will conduct a training course for work with stands and machines.

Some equipment is presented in our online store. Please contact us by e-mail or by phone for more detailed information.

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