For all products that can be bought by us, we provide a quality guarantee and we guarantee the replacement of the products of substandard quality. The warranty applies to the turbochargers, cartridges and other parts. The guarantee covers all the products that were sold by us or our authorized representatives only. The warranty is applicable to the products that contain production or assembly defect. Defective products are to be replaced with new and serviceable products.

The warranty is not applicable in the cases of improper use of the product. The warranty is not applicable in cases where the product is faulty due to the customer’s fault or because of the fault of third parties associated with the customer. In cases of the poor-quality or improper installation with the subsequent malfunction of the product sold by us, the guarantee is also not applicable.

Any failure to comply with the operation and installation rules of the turbocharger or its core elements leads to a complete loss of warranty. The warranty also does not apply to the turbochargers and cartridges when the original turbocharger malfunction cause is not eliminated by the turbine or the core replacement. The warranty doesn’t apply in case if the products purchased from us are used in a faulty turbocharger or engine. The warranty is voided in cases of the contaminated and defective engine oil used in the engine. The guarantee does not apply to products that were or are not used for the intended purpose. Exceeding the nominal parameters of the products’ operating modes, or those leading to the malfunction, will lead to a guarantee complete loss. The warranty is not applicable to the damaged external products.

While fulfilling the warranty obligations, we do accept the return of the substandard products. Though to be noted, delivery of those returned goods is to be carried out on the expense of the buyer. Delivery of a replacement or of a new product is also conducted on the expense of the buyer. All transportation cost of the products purchased from us is entrusted to the customer as the products end user.

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