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    The best equipment for repairing turbochargers

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    New original and refurbished turbochargers

Turbocentras Ltd. offers a wide range of turbocharger actuators. In our warehouses mechanical and electronic actuators are available. Also parts for electronic actuators, such as electronic actuator complete mechanical part. Replacing the mechanical part of the electronic actuator you can save a significant part of the funds by purchasing only actuator mechanics which are much cheaper compare to a whole complete actuator. We offer mechanicas parts  to repair actuators G - series. 
Visit our online store, there you will find actuator you need or part for it: G - Series actuators and actuator parts in our online store

Currently in stock available analogues of G-20, G-25, G-26, G-27, G-34, G-59, G-74, G-77, G-88, G-219, G-277 actuators.

Turbocentras Ltd. is a supplier of top-quality turbo parts, OEM Quality Turbocharger Parts, Turbochargers, Equipment, Cartridges, Repair kits, Gaskets, Actuators, Nozzle rings.

Premium quality Turbocharger parts. Turbochargers. Turbocharger rebuilding, re-manufacturing Equipment. High Quality Turbo parts. Turbo Cartridges (CHRA). Repair kits. Turbocharger Gaskets. Actuators. Nozzle rings.