Nozzle Ring key GAR-5
Nozzle Ring key GAR-5
Nozzle Ring key GAR-5
Nozzle Ring key GAR-5

0.86 kg (0x0x0 cm)

Nozzle Ring key GAR-5

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GAR-5 A: 45.2 mm B: 42.9 mm

Geometrijos demontavimo raktas padeda saugiai pašalinti geometrijos mazgą iš korpuso ir nepažeidžia turbokompresoriaus korpuso bei pačio geometrijos mazgo.



GAR-5 A: 45.2 mm B: 42.9 m

Due to fragile sleeve structure dismantling nozzle rings in KKK KP/BV series could be challenging task even for experienced masters.

High working temperatures of turbocharger and possibility of oxidation makes the removal process longer then you may expect and requires special tools.

Turbocentras Nozzle ring key helps to safely remove nozzle assembly from housing without damaging turbocharger and the nozzle itself.

For successful removal we recommend:

  • spray threaded area with WD-40
  • wait for 10-15min
  • stick the nozzle ring key into the sleeve and unscrew clockwise.


For detailed information please contact us.

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