How to find the right cartridge for your turbo?

First: Determine the manufacturer number of your turbocharger. If you do not know how to do this, you can read more about the turbocharger identification in our Turbochargers Spare Parts Catalog at the following link: How To Identify Your Turbocharger.

turbo part no

After you have become aware of your turbo number, proceed to the page of our electronic catalog of turbochargers. This can also be done via the link above.

find turbo

Enter your turbocharger number in the search box and click search. From the search results, select the most suitable turbocharger and click the "Details" button. The search result may consist of several pages.

choose turbo

On the turbocharger details page, proceed to the cartridges section. Pay attention to our cartridge number. At this number you can independently find this cartridge in our online store or use the link below to go to the page of this cartridge in our online store.

choose chra

If you have any questions related to the search or selection of spare parts, please feel free to contact us with all available methods.