Electronic Actuator Repair

We present you a new range of services - repair, remanufacturing, programming (firmware) and adjustment of electronic actuators for turbochargers.

Nowadays, electronics increasingly takes their positions in everyday life and industry. No exception is the automotive industry, engines in particular turbochargers.

Modern turbos are equipped with a variety of electronic devices, such as electronic sensors, electronic programmable valves (actuators) with software, electronic control, requiring special service with the use of specialized equipment for programming and parameter adjustment.

Programming, repair and maintenance of such electronic valves (actuators) is difficult without the knowledge base, programmers, testers and other equipment …

TurboCentras, having all the technical base, performs:

  • Repair of electronic actuators (valves), including mechanics and electronics
  • Programming (flashing) of microcontrollers of electronic actuators
  • Reading and backing up parameters and code
  • Complete replacement of electronic valves (actuators) for turbos

Our database contains a large amount of information on electronic actuators of well-known manufacturers, such as HELLA, VDO and others…

Great experience, application of modern equipment, high-quality work guarantees the high quality of the executed works on repair and reconditioning of electronic parts of turbocharger, electronic valves (actuators).