Turbocharger reference manual

Turbocharger reference manual

We present our new reference manual for spare parts for turbochargers.

Detailed, exact dimensions with drawings, photographs, part codes and turbine numbers in which these parts are involved....

All this will help you to pick up the necessary detail for your turbocharger as accurately as possible and faster.

What's New?

  • This manual is fully connected to our main database.
  • After making any changes or adding a new position (shaft, impeller, repair kit, cartridge, etc.) to the main database, this position will be designated as a new position ("New").workshop new
  • A complete list of cartridges (manufactured by TurboCentras), bearing housings, impellers, shafts, compressor covers, vacuum valves (actuators, drives) and gasket kits with photos was added.workshop chra
  • The reference manual is constantly updated and replenished automatically.
  • Ability to download and print in PDF format.

We hope that the search and selection of parts for turbochargers with the help of our new guide will be easier and more convenient for you.

Visit the "reference manual" page.