TurboCentras distributor MasterPower

TurboCentras distributor MasterPower

We are pleased to announce that since 2020 we are the official distributors of the Brazilian turbochargers manufacturer Master Power Turbo.

Master Power Turbo was founded in 1966 by Nelson Borgetti, who laid the foundation for the core values of the company, namely the importance of product and service of the highest quality.

The company began working with turbochargers in 1970, offering its customers various alternative solutions to increase the engine performance.

Master Power Turbo stands out among its competitors by organizing all the manufacturing processes in its home country in Brazil. Confirmation of the correctness of this decision was the receipt of an international quality certificate ISO 9001. Distributors in more than 65 countries of the world have a full trust in the quality of Master Power. Global car and machinery manufacturers such as KIA and MTU are commonly installing Brazilian turbines on their conveyors.

Today, the company had a wide range of market needs to offer, including its turbochargers for cars and trucks, special equipment, the marine industry and motorsport.

Master Power Turbo

Master Power Turbo occupies more than 12,000 m2 in the city of San Marcos. All the production processes were collected under one roof - research and development, casting, processing of parts, assembly of finished products.

The department of automotive engineers always meets the highest demands of customers, even in the most complex projects. Master Power occupies a significant share of the global turbocharger market thanks to its committed partners and the optimal development strategy. Investments in new technologies and a qualified team allow them to provide the best solutions in the market.

Among the main principles of Master Power Turbo are:

  • Technology, quality and continuous innovation
  • Devotion to the partners
  • Respect, Responsibility and Ethics
  • Profits, technical and sales support for customers
  • Optimization and rationalization of resources use

Contact us for high quality Master Power Turbo turbochargers. We will be happy to assist you in choosing a turbo.