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    The best equipment for repairing turbochargers

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    High quality turbocharger components

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    OEM quality turbocharger spare parts

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    The best equipment for repairing turbochargers

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    New original and refurbished turbochargers

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The TCA – Turbocharger Analyser is an innovative device for balancing turbochargers. Modern design, technological innovation and simplicity of operation make the difference of this equipment which is an important reference.

The TCA analyses the balance of turbochargers and allows them to work again with the original values.


The software is entirely new, having been designed exclusively for the TCA. It is completely adapted to the needs of users and extremely intuitive and easy to use.



  • Test speeds over 300.000 RPM
  • Accuracy of 0,005 G
  • Simple to work with to reduce the testing time
  • Use of the original exhaust (turbine housings) for the best test simulation
  • Oil temperature automatically controlled
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Soundproofed structure for noise reduction
  • Ergonomic design for user comfort


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Turbocentras Ltd. is a supplier of top-quality turbo parts, OEM Quality Turbocharger Parts, Turbochargers, Equipment, Cartridges, Repair kits, Gaskets, Actuators, Nozzle rings.

Premium quality Turbocharger parts. Turbochargers. Turbocharger rebuilding, re-manufacturing Equipment. High Quality Turbo parts. Turbo Cartridges (CHRA). Repair kits. Turbocharger Gaskets. Actuators. Nozzle rings.

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