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    Premium quality turbocharger replacement parts

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    The best equipment for repairing turbochargers

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    High quality turbocharger components

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    OEM quality turbocharger spare parts

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    Repair equipment from best manufacturers

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    The best equipment for repairing turbochargers

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    New original and refurbished turbochargers

Introducing new feature:
Programming, remanufacturing, adjusting of the electronic actuators HELLA, VDO, etc... for turbochargers.

Today more and more electronic features are coming to our lives, as well in the turbocharger business.
More and more electronic actuators are used on the turbochargers, witch need specific service and specific machinery to be up to the task.

TURBOCENTRAS Ltd., witch possesses all the needed machinery offers:
  • Full repair of the electronic actuators (mechanical and ELECTRONIC parts)
  • Programming (adjusting, readjusting) of the electronic actuators.
  • Reserve copying of the actuator data
  • Full replacement of the electronic actuators of the turbocharger


Due to our long-term experience in the adaptation of modern technologies and diligence, we can guarantee the highest quality of the repair of the electric parts of the turbochargers.

Turbocentras Ltd. is a supplier of top-quality turbo parts, OEM Quality Turbocharger Parts, Turbochargers, Equipment, Cartridges, Repair kits, Gaskets, Actuators, Nozzle rings.

Premium quality Turbocharger parts. Turbochargers. Turbocharger rebuilding, re-manufacturing Equipment. High Quality Turbo parts. Turbo Cartridges (CHRA). Repair kits. Turbocharger Gaskets. Actuators. Nozzle rings.

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