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To identify your turbocharger you have to know OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) number. Usually, you can find it engraved on compressor housing or identification name plate attached to compressor or bearing housing.

STEP ONE: Clean the plate. Often the numbers are hard to distinguish, so the area need to be washed or cleaned with soft material and using brake cleaner. Using hard abrasive may damage the plate and recognizing the number would be really hard.

STEP TWO: Locate OEM number of turbocharger. Each turbocharger brand has its own marking. Here are some examples (select your turbocharger manufacturer for detailed information):



GarrettA Garrett part number consists of 6 digits starting with 4 or 7, followed by a dash and additional digits. For example 454083-1; 452204-2; 720244-5004s; 712290-0002.


Using our search engine enter only 6 digit part number and then choose your exact turbocharger from the list given.


STEP THREE: Enter your turbocharger OEM or part number into Search box and press "ENTER" or "Search" for get full list of parts available.

Search by Turbo OEM number, part OEM number, Our part number:


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